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Our Guest Artist Series is a non-profit online gallery created to inspire artists and creative audiences. Every month a new video highlights the work and process of a featured Guest Artist.

Serpent Ritual

Xinyue Li

Originally inspired by the concept of a poisonous forest, Serpent Ritual is a character design of many influences. Its primary design elements reference the mouth, fangs, and venom of a poisonous snake, while its personality is imagined to be that of a magician from Dungeons and Dragons in the role of a priest. Having signed a contract with an evil snake god, she now collects souls to present at its altar.

The setting of the Darksiders universe also served as key inspiration during the development process, while the dynamic pose is influenced by the work of illustrator and former art director of the Korean Wuxia-themed MMO Blade & Soul, Kim Hyung-tae.

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Bell Town

Misa Steinmetz

Far off in the mountains, this village adorns its houses with ancient bells and windchimes to ward off monsters and guide people toward their town with music.

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Emergency Takeoff

Beatriz Abreu

Suspended in the high orbit of the colony-planet Tui Prime sits the Brecht gateway, one of many port stations that provide refueling and repairs to traveling starships. The workers - most of whom are natives to the planet - constantly watch the days pass in their home from far away, separated by 30,000 kilometers of deep space. Many of them wonder when, or if, they can ever afford to return.

A small task force of law enforcement ships speeds off towards Tui, sent by the corporation that owns the colony-planet in a rush to fulfill an unknown mission. The planet belongs to them now, and they do as they will.

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Lost and Stranded

Gabriel Jiménez

It had been over 50 years since the vessel disappeared beneath the icy waters and no one had been able to locate it until now. There was a package of great interest inside, the result of an experiment that was being moved to the continent for study.

After weeks of exhaustive exploration, a small team spotted a glint of metal in a distant small bay. The crew's excitement soared as they closed in on the stranded wreckage. But excitement quickly turned to fear as the team realized that they were in the presence of something they could not understand. It was like the wreckage was trying to whisper.

There was something inside. The package was alive.

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Monoliths of the Otherworld

Karthik Bharadwaj

Shilpakara was the name given to the ancient extraterrestrial culture that drew inspiration from Indian architectural traditions. Legend had it that the Shilpakarans were descended from a race of celestial beings who had journeyed across the cosmos in search of knowledge and wisdom. Along the way, they had encountered countless civilizations, each with its own unique culture and traditions.

For centuries, the Shilpakarans had been revered throughout the universe for their mastery of design and craftsmanship. That mastery is perhaps best reflected in the awe-inspiring structures they created in the city of Divyasthala. Inspired by what they had seen and experienced, the Shilpakarans had blended these diverse influences into a style that was both distinctive and visionary.

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Timo Chou

Slash is a piece that's part of a larger personal project called Comic Marauder. In it, the original character Jazper is slicing through the meteor rain to begin their exploration of this planet.

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Corey Rivera

Much larger and thicker-skinned than their more temperate cousins, Snowalkers live in clans that coordinate and hunt together, often preying on wildlife like wolves, polar bears, elk, and seals. These arctic goblins are notorious for their ferocity and mercilessness: they are known to ravage groups of people who unknowingly wander into their territory, which can span 1000 sometimes 3000 square miles.

Their aggression is matched only by their intelligence, with some reports describing of people who gained safe passage through a clan of Snowalkers’ territory by approaching their borders with gift offerings, such as a few elk heads.

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Daughters of Eclipse

Albert William

Legends speak of two daughters from the sky who can only reunite once every eclipse.

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Merman's Mobster Office

Felipe Fornitani

In a world where diverse races coexist, merfolk rule the underworld from the depths and create an underwater empire.

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Gonçalo Santos

Woken up to the sound of gunshots outside your tent, you take a peek outside; it is night time and you can't see much. As you reach for the flashlight in your pocket, you hear another shot in what appears to be the tent right next to you, followed by a violent slam on the floor. In an instant, your whole life flashes before your eyes and you immediately regret the path you have chosen. It is time for your punishment.

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