Guest artist series

Our Guest Artist Series is a non-profit online gallery created to inspire artists and creative audiences. Every month a new video highlights the work and process of a featured Guest Artist.

The Admiral’s Quarters

Marc-Alexandre Robbe

The goal of The Admiral's Quarters is to explore how an "old school" design language can be integrated into a sci-fi setting. Inspired by prior work on past historically-influenced projects, the piece uses Spanish decorative elements and was created using a combination of Blender and Photoshop.

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Military Dune Buggy

Steve Zhi

This cutting-edge military dune buggy concept is equipped with radar domes, electronic jamming equipment, and a defense system.

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Reginald Sinkfield

The light of the sun diminishes as Kayle devours the only source of warmth in our solar system; rejoice, as she has relieved us of a lifetime of suffering.

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Cryo Vault

Vinh Pham

A group of intrepid space explorers have discovered a secret vault containing an army of creatures.

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Memories of Green

Ahmed Hany

In a world where the sun no longer exists and eternal darkness reigns, humans are disintegrated in "somnium pods" that convert their cells into the resources needed for growing crops on gigantic artificial farms. This metamorphosis process leaves the human deformed, so it's his own choice to continue life with a monstrous visage or ask for complete disintegration.

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Bathroom Crime Scene

Jake Mann

The atmosphere is somber as two sheriff’s department officers investigate a grisly crime scene in a public restroom.

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The Pathway

Ryan Shi

Those who seek lost tales will find it at the end of the pathway. The concept is a part of a personal project called Cuimhne, which is inspired by Ireland's landscapes and Celtic culture.

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In the Mountains

Jannes Ennen

High up in the Chinese Mountains is a village whose technological advancements allowed it to flourish and gain wealth. These advances are reflected by the village's architecture, which is full of unique craftmanship and fine woodwork.

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Hunter's Hut

Dmitriy Bessonov

Giant birds are the biggest problem for these returning hunters. But on the contrary, those same giant birds yield the biggest harvests of meat.

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Kenn Yapp

An astronaut stranded on an alien planet has stumbled upon the remnants of an ancient civilization.

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