Guest artist series

Our Guest Artist Series is a non-profit online gallery created to inspire artists and creative audiences. Every month a new video highlights the work and process of a featured Guest Artist.


Kenn Yapp

An astronaut stranded on an alien planet has stumbled upon the remnants of an ancient civilization.

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To the Depth!

Tarmo Juhola

To the Depth! places us in a classic "David vs Goliath" scenario where our "David" is heading bravely into the depth (or is it death?) of an ominous cave. The piece looks to emphasize vertical depth and explores working with an uncommon angle.

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Desert Garden Overlook

Greg Westphal

A small oasis town nestled above the rocky desert landscape houses the legendary sky gardens. An aqueduct spirals around the town, doubling as a guard wall for this community that seems frozen in time.

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Morning Shipment

Daniel White

Morning Shipment is an environment concept piece inspired by industrial facilities and arctic research stations. In a cold and isolated manufacturing facility, these workers are beginning their day by unloading the shipments that have finally arrived at the site.

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Jennifer Park

There she is, watching us with a playful cat eye. She is half-human, half-Havana Brown cat - the latter of which has blessed her with shiny yellow eyes and soft hair. She also possesses a playful and fickle personality that's typical of her half-feline lineage.

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The Master Sword

David Tilton

The Master Sword is a piece of Legend of Zelda fan art capturing the moment Link discovers the Master Sword in the Lost Woods, with Navi by his side as rays of sunlight cast down on him.

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The Dock

Daniel Percy

The Dock draws inspiration from the red houses of Sweden. In most ports one can find them strewn the shoreline, harboring boat tools and fishing equipment. Here, this element of Swedish culture is combined with a fantasy setting.

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Triangle Island

Nevena Nikolcheva

The sun is setting and the waters are calm as the day ends near Triangle Island, a popular fishing port surrounded by pyramidal rock formations. Kids are often seen playing around the rocks and drawing the sea creatures they spot along the shoreline.

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Crow's Nest

Yoan Vernet

On a quest to help a cursed village, a brave man is tasked with finding the mysterious "Crow's Nest". The place was faithful to the villagers' descriptions... or worse.

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Conri ó Laighin

Mathias Osland

Conri ó Laighin is a character concept of a witty, but cowardly archer who takes expedition notes on the unusual beasts he hunts. He prefers to keep his distance and acts as an informant for his fellow hunters, providing knowledge in the field about their cursed prey.

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