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Our Guest Artist Series is a non-profit online gallery created to inspire artists and creative audiences. Every month a new video highlights the work and process of a featured Guest Artist.

First Encounter

Nacho Yagüe

Using bright, dreamlike light to reinforce the joy of the moment, First Encounter portrays the fateful meeting of a precocious young boy and the infant monkey who would eventually become his long-time traveling companion. It serves as a prequel to an earlier work of Yagüe's entitled The Delivery, which concludes the saga of their journey when the boy - now a fully grown man - reunites the monkey with his mother after years of walking and searching.

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Cassey Kuo

Stretch is part of an ongoing observation that visualizes the balance between life and the creative process in an honest,intuitive way. With these personal pieces, artist Cassey Kuo tries to let the subconscious dictate where things go. Whether it's 10 minutes or several hours,the objective is to allow room for decompression and avoid compromising creative integrity. During the creative process, sometimes the tendency is to overextend ourselves and lose composure, but as Stretch so beautifully reminds us, nothing is absolute.

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Sunny Halo Meadows

Tuan Vo

Welcome to the quaint, peaceful farmlands of Sunny Halo Meadows, the proverbial breadbasket for citizens of the future.Taking design inspiration from the renowned space colonies of artist Syd Mead,artist Tuan Vo puts his own spin on a ring world-like farming structure in space.

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Jaelan 2

Mingchen Shen

Jaelan 2 is a revival of an old character exploration that was originally doodled several years ago. In this updated character piece, Jaelan sports a revamped look for her equipment and shows off more of her home environment, giving us clues about how she survives during the bitter, cold winters. As she waits for another blizzard outside to pass, our fiery-haired heroine whittles a piece of wood to pass the time.

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Cliffs of Ereth Agoir

Juhani Jokinen

Cliffs of Ereth Agoir depicts a frost-bitten fort perched atop of a cliff, overlooking an icy ocean beneath.The painting is part of Jokinen's ongoing personal project, tentatively titled Norse Project, which draws inspiration from Nordic myths and nature.

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Low Sun Samurai

Mike McCain

Low Sun Samurai showcases an Americana-fueled road trip to a place west of the highway. Pulling inspiration from the illustrations of fellow artist Robh Ruppel, Mike McCain pushes his useof shape and abstract patterns to create sharp angles, bold geometry andcaptivating texture work that transplants the viewer into a modern Americana fantasy.

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Ink and Blood

Even Mehl Amundsen

The mid-day sun was stifling as citizens wandered the markets of the lower city, unfazed by the sweltering heat. But Siggor longed for clear mountain air and winter snow as persistent needle pricks continued to jab his skin. The ways of ink, needle and blood were familiar to his people,but the artistic patterns this skilled artisan could produce made their work seem juvenile by comparison. As another bead of sweat trickled down his arm,Siggor grimaced, knowing he had to hold still or his artist would be furious with him again.

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Atred's Rest

Tim Kaminski

Even though Atred was laid to rest centuries ago, on the apex of the mountain, his legacy lives on through the village he saved. Now we've built a community here, thriving on these mountains and even spreading out to create new villages. The mountain provides us with almost everything we need, and rarely do we have to go near its base. In fact, it's been over three decades since we sent a party of thirteen to venture into the chaos below, and only one survived. Her stories seemed too far-fetched to believe. This last exploration brought up more questions than answers, and pushed the stories even further into myth.

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Fisherman and Hunterfox

Nurzhan Bekkaliyev

Fisherman and Hunterfox introduces an whimsical duo of unlikely hunters as they both return from a wilderness excursion. Our Fisherman friend has had a successful day as he returns home with his hunting fox and a few fresh fish in his pail. But our Hunterfox and his fish pal don't appear to be as lucky, as they come back empty-handed. The Fisherman looks surprised as he notices his unusual counterpart - perhaps he's never considered that the animals he uses as hunting tools are more like him than he thought.

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Pirate Bay

Mo Kim

Pirate Bay is a character piece done for an in-class demo at Brainstorm School, a private learning institution focused on concept art, design and illustration in Burbank, CA. Completed for the Design with Color & Light course, a costumed model under artistic lighting was used to capture a single reference photograph during the class, then completed at home.

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