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Our Guest Artist Series is a non-profit online gallery created to inspire artists and creative audiences. Every month a new video highlights the work and process of a featured Guest Artist.


Santiago Betancur

Ask the people of Chiloé, an island archipelago off the southern coast of Chile, and they might tell you about the infamous Trauco - a small humanoid creature that lives deep in the forest, similar to a dwarf or goblin. According to Chilota mythology, it possesses a powerful allure that's irresistible to anyone it chooses, despite its unsightly face and legs without feet.

This version of the Trauco was created as part of Creatuanary, an art challenge in the vein of Inktober that invites artists to design new creatures every day in January.

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Esther Wu

Nestled is part of a small series about a valiant young girl and a golden-crowned caribou on a journey, with each work revealing a new locale they've found along the way. Here, our audacious explorers have discovered a lone, seemingly long-abandoned cabin deep in the woods.

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The Raptor Queen

Sam Leung

The Raptor Queen is a character concept design featuring a powerful mage with an avian-inspired look. Her powers allow her to summon various birds of prey to come to her aid when needed.

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Mega Man X Redesign

Scott Zenteno

Mega Man X Redesign brings the titular game's Ride Armor into the 21st century by converting the original 2D sprite into a fully-realized 3D design.

Artist Scott Zenteno says, "I recently picked up Blender and wanted to take something I loved from the past and bring it into the modern era! The Ride Armor was the first boss from Mega Man X and faithfully translating its pixels was a great time."

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Quiet Sunset

Anda Sung

Quiet Sunset is a concept illustration inspired by Gothic architecture and the peaceful stillness of winter. As the sun breaks through the clouds, it casts a warm, welcoming glow on a lone angel statue guarding the graves of the dead.

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Giselle Ukardi

There are few things better than the joy of discovering a new friend. Hello looks to capture that heartwarming moment of surprise and wonder as a precocious mermaid lass meets an adorable new octopus buddy.

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Retro Ramen Drive-In

Kenny Vo

The year is 2280. You're hungry for something warm, but you need it quick. Where does a citizen of the retro-future go to grab a bite? Just hit the local Ramen Drive-In. A friendly bot is always there to rush out yummy noodles straight to your hover car. Enjoy a bowl under the neon glow.

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The Gate Keeper

Andy An

The Gate Keeper is a concept design for a robot called ORB 000, an intelligent AI that's housed at the entrance of a bio-research facility located within The Fungus Forest. Its primary function is to serve as sector overseer and status reporter, as well as coordinate with ORB models from other Sectors to help monitor the entire facility.

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Demon Witch

Tan Zhi Hui

Demon Witch is a fan art piece based on artist Tan Zhi Hui's favorite Dota 2 hero, Lion, combined with a simple shape exploration that looks to push a character's deformation to the limit. Hui says, "Exercises like this remind me of when I first discovered my current drawing style, [and] how much I enjoy painting."

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Chris Howard

Kango depicts the light refueling ship of the same name as it makes its way back to base. The vehicle was designed for the dirty and bleak world of Cascadia, a personal project created by artist Chris Howard to explore how emerging VR tools can be implemented in the design process. Kango was created in part with Oculus Medium, demonstrating how VR can be utilized by concept artists as a powerful creative tool.

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