we are west studio —

a visual development and creative production house that combines passion and process to produce some of the best concept art in the world.

Inspiration drives us. Great design fulfills us.


We raise new worlds from the void, set them on their axis, and spin them with histories, cultures, ecosystems and technologies.

Through thoughtful design and close collaboration, our artwork pulls people in and compels them to care—even obsess.


We build specialized strike teams for each project. Drawn from our global roster of five-star talent, our teams are hyper-focused on efficiency, consistency and quality to hit the ground running every time.

We were one of the first in our industry to pioneer this approach when we started in 2008. And to this day, we’re still the best at it.

Style Exploration

Establish the visual identity of the IP through research and exploration

World Design

Develop a primary cast of characters, locations and vehicles

Style Guide

Define and document visual language so teams can scale efficiently

World Building

Guide art direction and asset management until worlds are complete

Post Production

Provide art support for marketing and post-launch efforts


Our end-to-end services tackle every visual development challenge - from routine to unexpected. Our teams evolve as your needs do, moving through concept, production, marketing, and post-launch efforts seamlessly. And our creative leadership will work hand-in-hand with you to guide the process and achieve your creative goals.

Going end-to-end is hard work, but it’s how we accomplish what we’re after: big ideas that capture imaginations, win hearts and build franchises.

Tyler West
Creative Direction
Nic West
Studio Operations
Jen Hernandez
Director of Business Development
Cristina Alberto
Art Production Management
Mingchen Shen
Art Direction
David Knapp
Art Direction
Art Direction
David Kegg
Art Direction
Ahmed Teilab
Art Direction
Monica Mesa
Talent Acquisition Lead
Irina Chubarova

Tyler has earned a reputation as one of the most talented concept artists in the business – I am consistently impressed by the work that he and his studio put out. His versatility, creative prowess, and raw ability are paired with strong communication, collaborative spirit, and flexibility. Each of the last three studios where I worked (EA Los Angeles, Sony Santa Monica, and Blizzard) commissioned pieces from Tyler that helped shape creative vision. I expect concepts from Tyler will continue to influence the development of many characters, objects, and worlds to come.

Tim Morten

Lead Producer, Blizzard Entertainment

First and foremost, the quality of their final work was terrific, but along the way [Tyler's] creative communication, ‘active listening’ and timely iteration process were excellent as well. In Tyler I felt I had a fully invested collaborator helping bring my vision to life, as attentive to aesthetics as he was to the technical considerations at hand. The whole experience was exactly what I’d hoped, I look forward to working with Tyler and his team again soon, and I am happy to recommend him with gusto to one and all!


Sr. Art Director, Microsoft Studios

We couldn't be happier with the quality of the work, and the professionalism of the studio. As Art Director on the project, managing the outsourcing of the artwork for the game can be very time consuming, and Tyler has made my job SO much easier by delivering gorgeous, dynamic character designs at a very high quality and aggressive delivery schedule. Working with a huge film IP can be difficult due to the high level of scrutiny by the owner of the license, and West Studio has done an amazing job at creating fresh new designs, while staying true to the IP. Our relationship with Tyler's studio continues to this day, and we're looking forward to working with him through the completion of this title, and on future projects as well. I personally HIGHLY recommend his studio for your art outsourcing needs.

Adam McCarthy

Art Director, FoxNext

Working with Tyler and the entire team at West Studio has been one of the most productive and enjoyable partnerships I have experienced. From the moment we began working with West, they've always asked all the right questions about our project and goals, ensuring they have the right information to build the right team of artists who can move forward making the right decisions for our project. It also highlights their investment in our project and that they care deeply about the details of our IP. I feel continually thankful to have found West Studio and cannot stress just how much I encourage others to reach out to them. You and your project will be all the better for it.

Jason Stansell

Head of Art and Animation, Amazon Game Studios

Tyler is a visionary designer and entrepreneur. His ability to switch between concept artist and creative manager is rare and extremely valuable for collaboration in a professional environment. His services are extremely versatile and West Studio provides the most important components to a successful pre-production as well as production phase of any IP in development. Tyler brings a lot of very positive energy to the table and is extremely reliable as well as enthusiastic. His background as an industrial designer and his experience in the gaming industry are invaluable to any client looking to develop their ideas with West Studio.


Production Designer, Dreamworks Animation

West Studio was a pleasure to work with. Tyler and his team were reliable and able to provide us with a tremendous variety of different styles to choose from. Their focus is always on the quality of the work and addressing our feedback with skillfulness and experience. We look forward to working with West Studio again.

Steve Chao

Art Director, Electronic Arts (EA)

It was a pleasure collaborating with Tyler and his team at West Studio. Given a challenging visual development brief, they produced a good variety of high quality inspirational options for us to work with. I would be happy to work with West Studio again given the opportunity!

Jonathan Rowe

Art Director, Crytek

Working with Tyler was a very enjoyable and professional experience. West Studio produced extremely high quality artwork and was always on schedule. They were all-around contributors throughout the entire process. Our communication was friendly, effortless and it felt like we had already worked together for quite some time. I would gladly recommend West Studio to anyone who is in need of great concept art.

Nikola Damjanov

Lead Game Artist, Nordeus


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