Guest artist series

Our Guest Artist Series is a non-profit online gallery created to inspire artists and creative audiences. Every month a new video highlights the work and process of a featured Guest Artist.

Little Alley

Mengxuan Li

Little Alley is inspired by the sunny streets and bustling bazaars of Cairo, Egypt. A young girl buys a ticket from a small shop around the corner, ready to embark on her next journey.

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Amin Fara

Disintegration explores themes that are driven by the journey of the young protagonist from 10, a graphic novel being created by artist Amin Fara.

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Flying Boat

Ivan Rastrigin

Flying Boat is a quick concept that imagines our prospective future in travel, featuring an original aircraft design that's been equipped with anti-gravity motors.

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The Drowned City

Pablo Rivera

It's low tide by The Drowned City as friends prepare to explore the ruins being reclaimed by the sea. Artist Pablo Rivera says, "I like visiting places where nature is taking over formerly inhabited spaces, and a metropolis now becoming a tidal habitat would be a great spot to walk around in for a day. There's something calming about knowing that life is cyclical and that in the end, the plants and the birds always come back."

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Bow Maintenance

Kevin Hong

Bow Maintenance catches our heroine Nammo and her loyal tiger companion in a sweet, sportive moment. It is part of an ongoing illustration series also named Nammo, which follows the pair's adventures and is loosely inspired by Korean mythology, folklore, and folk art.

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Knights from Southside

Fedor Titov

Knights from Southside is an atmospheric piece drawn from the lingering memories of summer. Based on a real-life cycling trip taken in June, artist Fedor Titov captures the impression of that short, shiny summer day on a few layers of digital mud.

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Venice Skyscrapers

George Brad

Venice, reimagined: artist George Brad visualizes the renowned Italian city as a populated city center, complete with a tall skyscraper building that complements the traditional architecture around it.

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Journey Through the Western Forest

Tuomas Korpi

Journey Through the Western Forest recalls the feeling of wandering through atmospheric forests in old-school video games, bringing back the vibes of classic titles like Lemmings, Castlevania and Zelda. In a unique twist for the Guest Artist Series, artist Tuomas Korpi also tried a fresh approach by starting in traditional media with gouache and watercolor, then continuing his work in digital.

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The Valley

Anthony Brault

The Valley is inspired by the French Alps; specifically, it's based on a real-life rock formation with similar gaps, which artist Anthony Brault tries to push the scale of in order to heighten the sense of fantasy in the environment.

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Starberry Rock

Veikka Somerma

Starberry Rock is inspired by Finnish nature and mystic summer nights. On this warm evening, the starberries are in full bloom in the shadow of an erratic rock buried deep in a forest.

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