Guest Artist Series

Divers of the Underworld


Yann Leblanc

Under the soils of the known world exists vast lands belonging to the old ones. These massive caves of cathedral height are full of treasures, but also many dangers and traps. Very little is known about the Underworld and it's for this reason that "Divers" - the brave adventurers who explore and collect its treasures - are very common.

Zitia is part of this improvised cast. Her job is to search for artifacts and treasures to sell to the Capital (where they're seen as very valuable), while staying out of the many monsters and traps of the Underworld.

This project is inspired by the artist's favorite stories of explorers in mysterious and unknown places, balancing between danger and the wonders of a world yet to be discovered.


Yann Leblanc

Yann Leblanc is a concept artist based in Paris and currently working in the game industry.
In 2023 he graduated from New3dge, an art school based in Paris. Since then he has been working as a character and environment concept artist on a variety of productions, from realistic to stylized. 

Yann loves to observe our own world and history while discovering and learning about new cultures and architecture styles - especially the lesser-known ones. His curiosity about the world around him often provides inspirational reference for his designs and worldbuilding.

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