Guest Artist Series

Tree Covenant


Bryan Zapata

This ancient place has been known to knights and people across all kingdoms. Through this tree, those who never found purpose or felt unaccomplished are linked with those who wish to conquer their fears. But a sacrifice has to be made.

The lost souls remain to nourish the tree, while the warrior's weapon is imbued with mystical power and a promise for them to fight that which they fear the most. Once they accomplish this, only then will the soul imbued within their weapon be realized with a feeling of plenitude and warmth.


Bryan Zapata

Bryan Zapata is a concept artist who was born in Colombia and moved to Spain with his family at 17. He's always been a curious person who's drawn to learning and creating: growing up he used to fill up sketchbooks with creatures, his first love. He eventually found concept art through YouTube and at around 21, he made the decision to pursue it as a professional path and spent the next 5 years learning English and art fundamentals at home through digital resources like online courses and YouTube videos. He then achieved his goal of formalizing his education, getting accepted at New3dge Concept Art in 2021.

Bryan has since graduated from New3dge in 2023 and is currently working freelance for developers like the Paris-based Amplitude Studios. He hopes to keep growing and learning all that he can.

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