Guest Artist Series

Sweet Italy


Kenza Morvan

After the war, Alessandro dedicated his life to helping people with their common daily tasks and returned to Italy to open a small shoe repair shop. He slowly built a reputation for his kindness and craftsmanship to become one of the best shoemakers in town.

Alessandro sends a portion of the money he makes to his new love, Camilla, who resides in France for now. They both hope to finish their lives together here in this sweet Italian village.


Kenza Morvan

Kenza Morvan is a concept artist living in Paris, France who loves stylized art and bold, saturated colors. Her work is particularly focused on lots of storytelling and strong, visible brushwork to bring a lively feel to her pieces. She first discovered (and immediately fell in love with) concept art after 2 years of learning 3D at New3dge, a Paris-based concept art school. But her interest in art goes way back to her younger days, when she used to trace drawings of her favorite cartoon characters. Her work now extends into traditional and digital painting, along with music and photography.

When not working on art, Kenza enjoys taking in the beauty of the city that she resides in. "I live in Paris, so when I don't do art I can easily go to museums or theaters. [But] I'm...also a big gamer and The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is stealing my life away quickly," she says with a laugh.

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