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Gonçalo Santos

Woken up to the sound of gunshots outside your tent, you take a peek outside; it is night time and you can't see much. As you reach for the flashlight in your pocket, you hear another shot in what appears to be the tent right next to you, followed by a violent slam on the floor. In an instant, your whole life flashes before your eyes and you immediately regret the path you have chosen. It is time for your punishment.


Gonçalo Santos

Born and raised in Portugal, Gonçalo Santos is a self-taught junior illustrator and concept artist who is passionate about painting stylized fantasy character illustrations. His most recent personal projects showcase fan skin concepts and splash art for some of his favorite League of Legends characters.

Gonçalo is currently working from home doing freelance illustrations and character design and is constantly looking to improve his skills by studying artists he looks up to. He is looking for opportunities to work full-time in the video games industry and gain more experience by working on a project with a team of like-minded people.

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