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Santiago Betancur

Ask the people of Chiloé, an island archipelago off the southern coast of Chile, and they might tell you about the infamous Trauco - a small humanoid creature that lives deep in the forest, similar to a dwarf or goblin. According to Chilota mythology, it possesses a powerful allure that's irresistible to anyone it chooses, despite its unsightly face and legs without feet.

This version of the Trauco was created as part of Creatuanary, an art challenge in the vein of Inktober that invites artists to design new creatures every day in January.


Santiago Betancur

Santiago Betancur is a digital artist from Colombia who specializes in concept art, painting and 3D design. His industry experience has developed over the last few years through various video game, short film, commercial, and advertising projects.

When he's not expressing his passion for art through his work, he continues to enjoy the craft of visual storytelling by watching movies, playing video games, and creating his own stories through images.

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