Guest Artist Series

The Gate Keeper


Andy An

The Gate Keeper is a concept design for a robot called ORB 000, an intelligent AI that's housed at the entrance of a bio-research facility located within The Fungus Forest. Its primary function is to serve as sector overseer and status reporter, as well as coordinate with ORB models from other Sectors to help monitor the entire facility.


Andy An

Andy An is a concept and 3D artist based out of Pasadena, CA whose artistic specialties include environments, mechanical things, and round chubby robots. He is passionate about game art, real-time graphics, and 3D art in general.

An is currently working his way through the Entertainment Design program at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, where he's preparing for his official entry into the industry by gaining knowledge on the technical and artistic design aspects of making games and other forms of entertainment. Some of his other interests include listening to music across genres of all kinds, though he notes that he's lately been into ambient music.

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