Guest Artist Series

The Drowned City


Pablo Rivera

It's low tide by The Drowned City as friends prepare to explore the ruins being reclaimed by the sea. Artist Pablo Rivera says, "I like visiting places where nature is taking over formerly inhabited spaces, and a metropolis now becoming a tidal habitat would be a great spot to walk around in for a day. There's something calming about knowing that life is cyclical and that in the end, the plants and the birds always come back."


Pablo Rivera

Pablo Rivera is a visual development artist who is originally from Colombia, but spent most of his childhood on the edge of the Everglades in South Florida. From there, he traveled westward to California to study art, wandering through atelier programs and the animation program at San Jose State University, where he ultimately graduated in 2019.

He now works as a visual development artist primarily on animated projects and video games, in addition to the occasional illustration job. In his free time he's happiest out on a hike, but will also settle for staying home and reading about about ancient civilizations or dinosaurs, as well as fantasy novels. - Twitter - ArtStation

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