Guest Artist Series

Sunny Halo Meadows


Tuan Vo

Welcome to the quaint, peaceful farmlands of Sunny Halo Meadows, the proverbial breadbasket for citizens of the future.Taking design inspiration from the renowned space colonies of artist Syd Mead,artist Tuan Vo puts his own spin on a ring world-like farming structure in space.


Tuan Vo

Tuan Vo is a concept artist and illustrator based in sunny California. He is a graduate of San Jose State University, where he studied illustration & animation while working as a part-time assistant to a pastry chef. He's since traded in his apron for a stylus, working as an artist for studios like Kabam, Lucasfilm, and Microsoft, among others. When not doing concept design work, you can find him at his local AYCE Korean BBQ spot,socializing at various artists events, or trying to keep his houseplants alive.

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