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Cassey Kuo

Stretch is part of an ongoing observation that visualizes the balance between life and the creative process in an honest,intuitive way. With these personal pieces, artist Cassey Kuo tries to let the subconscious dictate where things go. Whether it's 10 minutes or several hours,the objective is to allow room for decompression and avoid compromising creative integrity. During the creative process, sometimes the tendency is to overextend ourselves and lose composure, but as Stretch so beautifully reminds us, nothing is absolute.


Cassey Kuo

Cassey Kuo is a freelance visual development artist and illustrator who was born and raised in New Jersey. Her work strives to capture intensely human moments and compelling stories through energy-filled strokes that draw from her love of movement and anatomy. She dedicates nearly all her time to creating commissioned work and personal projects, only taking breaks to dance and explore. She currently works as a character designer at Late Night Cartoons Inc. - Instagram - Artstation

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