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Corey Rivera

Much larger and thicker-skinned than their more temperate cousins, Snowalkers live in clans that coordinate and hunt together, often preying on wildlife like wolves, polar bears, elk, and seals. These arctic goblins are notorious for their ferocity and mercilessness: they are known to ravage groups of people who unknowingly wander into their territory, which can span 1000 sometimes 3000 square miles.

Their aggression is matched only by their intelligence, with some reports describing of people who gained safe passage through a clan of Snowalkers’ territory by approaching their borders with gift offerings, such as a few elk heads.


Corey Rivera

Corey Rivera is an illustrator and character/creature concept artist based in a small town in Florida. He started working freelance in the visual development industry a little less than a year ago and is looking to continue gaining experience from working on new projects. Some of his recent clients include Share Creators, Supercell, Volta, Hi-Rez Studios and more.

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