Guest Artist Series

Sniper Squadron 3396


David Knapp

Sniper Squadron 3396 shows off the design of the SQ-5, a variable-geometry aircraft developed for the United States Navy. These unmanned drones are capable of flying at high rates of speed and low altitudes to avoid enemy detection, using their "swing wings" to reduce airspeed and stabilize the craft before firing. Squadrons of SQ-5s operate alongside Navy SEAL teams on the ground, taking out targets with speed, accuracy and precision.


David Knapp

David Knapp is a professional concept designer living in the Los Angeles area. Originally hailing from a small railroad town in Nebraska, David was inspired at a young age by the surrounding trains and the industrial machinery in his father's electric motor shop. This deep passion for vehicles, machinery and all things sci-fi eventually led him to pursue a career in concept design.

David is a graduate of ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena and has designed key vehicles, props, architecture and characters for a number of movies and games. Most recently, he has joined the crew at West Studio as an in-house concept artist.

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