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Serpent Ritual


Xinyue Li

Originally inspired by the concept of a poisonous forest, Serpent Ritual is a character design of many influences. Its primary design elements reference the mouth, fangs, and venom of a poisonous snake, while its personality is imagined to be that of a magician from Dungeons and Dragons in the role of a priest. Having signed a contract with an evil snake god, she now collects souls to present at its altar.

The setting of the Darksiders universe also served as key inspiration during the development process, while the dynamic pose is influenced by the work of illustrator and former art director of the Korean Wuxia-themed MMO Blade & Soul, Kim Hyung-tae.


Xinyue Li

Xinyue Li is a character concept artist who is currently based in Lyon, France and will be graduating in 2024. Xinyue has worked on multiple webtoon projects, focusing mostly on line art as well as prop design.

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