Guest Artist Series

Demon Witch


Tan Zhi Hui

Demon Witch is a fan art piece based on artist Tan Zhi Hui's favorite Dota 2 hero, Lion, combined with a simple shape exploration that looks to push a character's deformation to the limit. Hui says, "Exercises like this remind me of when I first discovered my current drawing style, [and] how much I enjoy painting."


Tan Zhi Hui

Tan Zhi Hui (aka Kudaman) is a freelance illustrator based in Malaysia. He initially graduated from a local art college as a 3D artist, but his passion for drawing led him to shift towards illustration and concept art.

After spending two years in-house as a concept artist at Passion Republic, he left the studio life behind to become a career freelancer. He's since found great success in the freelance world: his list of clients includes Blizzard Entertainment, Capcom, Wizards of the Coast, Tencent Games, and Netease Games.

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