Guest Artist Series


Cloud Gate by Anton Fadeev

The Cloud Gate depicts a vibrant desert environment with a secret hidden deep in the rock. Shrouded by wispy white clouds and the depths of the red canyon is a gateway to other dimensions, waiting to be discovered. Will you venture forth to unlock it?


Anton Fadeev is a newly minted concept artist from Sochi, Russia. After graduating University, he began his career in the design and advertising industries where he developed an affinity for compelling color combinations and simple forms. After working professionally for a number of years, Fadeev eventually decided to pursue his dream of becoming a concept artist. He currently works as a concept artist at Counterplay Games, spending his free time developing personal projects and learning everything he can about his craft.

P77 Spaceship by Martin Deschambault

P77 Spaceship is a concept sketch of a transport cruiser pulling into a loading dock after a planetside scouting mission. Its sleek but utilitarian design is a combat workhorse in Deschambault’s dystopian sci-fi universe, Project 77.


Martin Deschambault​ is a senior concept artist from Montreal who’s always had a passion for concept design. He got his start by studying industrial design at the University of Montreal in 1999, then spent his early career in product design before transitioning to video games in 2005 by joining Ubisoft Montreal. Since then, he’s built up an impressive list of game credits, including work on Prince of Persia: Two Thrones, Rainbow Six Vegas, Far Cry 2 and Wet. He has contributed prominently to the Assassin’s Creed franchise, including the soon-to-be-released Assassin’s Creed Origins.
Martin is currently preparing for the release of Project 77, an art book based on a personal sci-fi IP he’s been developing since 2011. Set for release in November, Project 77 will be the first publication under ArtStation’s newly launched publishing arm, ArtStation Media. Click here to find out more.

Hidden by Anthony Jones

Hidden is a personal piece that plays to the personal strengths of the artist. Highlighting his remarkable aptitude for value and structure, it focuses on broad, easily distinguished shapes and forms while pushing the anatomy of his subject to create a powerful visual contrast – and a hint of the unexpected.


Anthony Jones is a skilled concept artist, illustrator and art director who’s worked across a number of sectors in the LA-area entertainment industry. Since 2007, Jones has lent his talents to projects at prestigious studios such as Blizzard, Sony Santa Monica, Paramount Pictures, and Hasbro Toys, to name a few. He is currently a part-time instructor at, where he helps thousands of aspiring artists develop their skills while preaching his mantra: “Talent is earned, not given.”

Countess Báthory by Daeyoon Huh

The dark and devious Countess Báthory is inspired by Elizabeth Báthory, a real-life Hungarian noblewoman whose killing spree in the 1600′s led Guinness World Records to name her the world’s most prolific female murderer. Legends of the Blood Countess (as she came to be known) are downright chilling: she was said to have bathed in virgins’ blood to preserve her youth. This fantastic take on Báthory plays up her alleged vampiric tendencies, resulting in one sultry, diabolical dame.


Daeyoon Huh is a freelance concept artist currently based in the Los Angeles area. Already an experienced industry artist with stints at Section Studio and Digital Domain, the young talent is fresh off an in-house summer internship with West Studio and will be returning to the Art Center College of Design in the Fall to further hone his skills.

The Free City of the West by Pablo Dominguez

In the future, free access to education, science, and art has been restrained. But high above the mountains in the West, a grand city of wisdom and knowledge sits at the peak. Here, architects, scientists and thinkers of all kinds are free to learn, investigate and create. These scholars of the future keep their paradise safe by limiting access to the city to a single route: the futuristic “bubble trains” made possible by the advanced technology developed within the city.


Pablo Dominguez is a 21-year old concept artist and digital matte painter based in Madrid, Spain. Despite only having one year of industry experience, Pablo already boasts an impressive credit as a digital matte painter on Season 7 of the hit HBO series Game of Thrones. Pablo is currently working as a freelance artist for several cool projects. View more of his works here.

Let’s Call It a Day by Stéphane Wootha Richard

It was probably an old construction building once, but long since has been used as housing in this very cold, Antarctic environment. At the end of the day, the men eagerly return to the comforts of home after a hard day’s work.


After a decade as a professional musician and 6 years as a software engineer, Stéphane Wootha Richard at 36 decided to pursue his childhood dream: working for film, animation and video games. He now works as a freelance visual development artist for the entertainment industry working for such companies and productions as Netflix Originals, Youtube Red Originals, Legendary Digital Networks, Powerhouse Animation Studios, AtomHawk Design Studio, and Future Publishing. His former band Loden provides the track “Midnight” for which he supplied the percussions and didjeridu.

Mountain Above the Valley by Quentin Regnes

The real-life mountain town of Prapic in the French Alps serves as inspiration for the idyllic piece, Mountain Above the Valley. Artist Quentin Regnes drew on fond memories he had of the area – which he often visited as a child – and says the scene is based on a line from a ballad about the region: come feel the pure fresh air in the wild Alps!


Quentin Regnes is a freelance concept artist based in France who specializes in concept art, illustration, and art direction primarily in the animation and video game industries. Some of his credits include work on the graphic novel Blackfury and the animation short Fish n’ Heats. See more of his work here.

Orb by Luke Belderes

Inspired by a trip to the Pacific Northwest, Orb explores ideas for a personal project about the discovery and exploration of lost civilizations. After following the winding pathways of an ancient trail, a lone wanderer has unearthed an orb of unknown origin. A marvelous, unexpected sight to behold, sure. But what is its purpose? And where are its creators?


Luke Belderes is a concept artist based out of the Los Angeles area. Since graduating from Art Center College of Design, he has been working steadily in the film and commercial industries for the last 5 years. After recently suffering an injury that sidelined his painting, Luke is eager to dive back into making personal artwork that he enjoys. Orb is his first step back into his personal projects.

Ship Breakers by Giorgio Grecu

Ship Breakers is a study of a ship breaking yard, where decommissioned vessels are dismantled and stripped for parts and raw materials for recycling and reuse.


​Giorgio​ Grecu is a London-based concept artist who has contributed to a wide mix of projects such as Halo 3, Killzone, Doctor Who and Mortal Kombat. After extensive industry experience at companies like Microsoft, Kuju Entertainment, and Atomhawk Design, Giorgio struck out on his own to embark on a freelance career. His most recent project is the upcoming real-time strategy game Warhammer: Dawn of War III, where he provided art direction for the game’s cut scenes. Check out more of his artwork here.

A Warning by Lynn Yang

Deep in the solitude of a wintry forest, travelers discover the remains of their missing companion in A Warning. Unsettled by the demise of their slain comrade, the pair mourn solemnly and wonder whether they may be next.


Lynn Yang is a freelance concept artist and matte painting based in Seattle, WA. Originally born in South Korea, Yang came to the US at the age of 13 where her passion for art flourished. Yang continued to follow her passion through the years, eventually graduating from the Entertainment Design program at the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles. She has since worked at illustrious creative firms such as Rhythm and Hues, The Mill and Microsoft and continues to work in the industry as a freelance artist.

Romantimech by Yujin Choo

Romantimech originated from a happy accident. When artist Yujin Choo first heard the title of William Gibson’s seminal cyberpunk novel Neuromancer, she assumed the term was actually “New Romancer”. Intrigued by the seemingly divergent themes of mechs and romance, she created Romantimech, which tells the story of two very different robots: a benevolent android desperately trying to protect a young child and a menacing hunter robot who’s hot on their trail.


Yujin Choo is a freelance concept artist from Jinju, Korea who grew up on a steady diet of fresh seafood and influential anime like Neon Genesis Evangelion, Ghost in the Shell and The Vision of Escaflowne. After graduating from the Entertainment Art program at Hoseo University in Seoul, Choo worked at Korean game studios like Neowiz and NS Studio before deciding to chase inspiration and better opportunities stateside. She currently works freelance in her new hometown of Pasadena, California while dreaming of working on a live action Cowboy Bebop.

Ventriss by Paul Kwon

Ventriss is an original character from Deathverse, an original narrative by Paul Kwon. This fierce female warrior character is a surviving member of the clan Kael’Cera.


Paul Kwon (aka Zeronis) is a Los Angeles-based concept artist who currently works at Riot Games. His work includes designs for League of Legends champions Ahri, Rengar, Syndra and Vi, along with setting the design direction for Star Guardian and Elementalist Lux. Outside of his work at Riot, Kwon devotes his time to personal projects like Deathverse and runs a Patreon page to support the creation of his original worlds and characters. Visit him at

Anomaly by Sylvain Coutouly

Anomaly features a particularly eccentric-looking robot who must endure the unenviable task of being dismantled. Piece by piece, he is hopelessly pulled apart by his human handlers.


Sylvain Coutouly is a French concept artist based in Toronto, Ontario with nearly a decade of industry experience. He currently serves a concept and background artist at Capybara Games, an independent game developer in Canada, where he is presently hard at work on the studio’s next title, Below. For more illustrations by Sylvain, visit him on Arstation.

Airship 05 Arrival by Scott Robertson

Airship 05 Arrival is a vehicle sketch created especially for Inktober 2016 and the Guest Artist Series by esteemed industrial concept designer, author and educator, Scott Robertson. Its design is inspired by the airships Robertson originally contributed to Concept Design, the inaugural book published under his Design Studio Press imprint.


Scott Robertson is the former chair of Entertainment Design at Art Center College of Design and an industrial concept designer, author, founder of Design Studio Press. As an educator with more than twenty years of experience teaching and creating curriculum on how to design, draw and render at the highest college level, he has authored or co-authored 13 design and concept art books under his Design Studio Press label. In addition, he has co-produced more than 40 educational DVDs with the Gnomon Workshop (9 of which feature his own lectures) and lectures around the world for various corporations, colleges and through his workshop brand, SRW. Robertson continues to work on a wide variety of design projects for toys, theme parks, cars, film, video games, and more.

Poisonous Production by Andrew Porter

Deep within the hidden desert canyons of The Reach, dark forces at work slowly pollute, poison and corrupt the land.


Andrew Porter is a Concept Artist from the United Kingdom. He currently works in the video game industry in London, and specializes in environment painting, design and world building. He has contributed to many well-known IP’s, such as Gears of War and the Batman: Arkham games. In his spare time Andrew is always pushing his personal work and developing is own world building projects. His work can be found here. at

The Afterlife by Janice Chu

The Afterlife is inspired by a love and appreciation for animal bones and ecology. Typically, images of death and decay are depicted in a mournful way. Here, the sorrow of death is re-imagined into a sentiment of rebirth. Little black sprites have emerged to cleanse the bones of the dead, imparting a sense of beauty into the melancholy.


Originally from Calgary, Janice Chu is a Vancouver-based concept and UI artist for film and games. Her most recent project is working on “The Lego Movie 2″. When she’s not busy with client work, she enjoys drawing fan art and working on her own game project, “Knight Hood”. She also loves to help indie game creators with art direction or concept work and has recently dived into creating comic book covers.

The Legend of Jingwei by William Wu

The Legend of Jingwei captures a moment of defiance in the face of impossible odds. A young girl drowns but re-emerges as Jingwei, a bird who’s determined to fill the Eastern Sea with twigs and pebbles. Despite ridicule from the sea, Jingwei stands boldly to complete her quest so others will not suffer her fate.


William Wu has been a visual development artist for 8 years with experience working for companies such as Crytek, Framestore, Netease, and Ubisoft. William has most recently accepted a position at West Studio as Art Director to work alongside our Creative Director, Tyler West, continuing our tradition of quality visual development.

Brothers Blue by Mike Yamada

Brothers Blue is a concept of two inseparable warriors determined to hold their ground against unknown intruders threatening their peaceful village.


Mike Yamada is a multidisciplinary artist. Mike is currently working at Walt Disney Animation Studios after previously holding a position for nearly a decade at Dreamworks Animation. Passionate about sharing his knowledge, he has instructed and lectured at many art schools, design firms, and animation studios around the world. In his personal time, he is devoted to brewing the perfect cup of coffee, reading, illustrating, and spending time with his cat.

Mother Gum by Deni Dimochka

Mother Gum is a dreamy fanart of everyone’s favorite Adventure Time ship, Bubbeline, along with their little vampire gum baby Travis. (“ship” is a term for imagining relationships between two fictional characters)


Deni Dimochka is a Detroit based digital Artist from San Diego. She designs concepts and illustrations for video games while also finding time to turn out projects of her own. She currently juggles client work and putting out her own web comic Vorgahn the Conqueror about a gutsy intergalactic space auditor just trying to get a much long overdue promotion while also hopefully not leading to the total obliteration of a budding civilization. You can view more of her work, including Vorgahn the Conqueror, on Deni’s webpage.

Prelude to Adventure by John Polidora

Prelude to Adventure is based on a new comic currently being developed by the artist called Miscreants and Thieves. Front and center is Sigurd the Scribe, a truth-seeker who uses his ability to draw and paint with magic as a way to document his experiences in the degenerate and absurd magical world in which he finds himself in. Accompanying him are Sandy the Wizardess, her serpant companion Kuu, as well as Stanely the Terrible, also known as the Abominable Barbarian Thief Lord.


John Polidora is an illustrator, character designer, visual development and concept artist working in game industry for over 13 years. The last 10 years, he’s spent working at Blizzard Entertainment creating key art, box art, magazine covers, book covers, comic book covers, promotional art, along with creating concept and in-game artwork for all of their current and upcoming licenses. Currently he is working with the Overwatch team contributing character design and concept artwork. Music by Luke Polidora

Clear by Espen Sætervik

Clear is a 30 minute speed paint of a grassy landscape.


Espen is a self taught concept artist from Norway. He has been freelancing for the last 5 years, creating inspiring and vibrant environment concepts for video games and films. Check out more of his work at hisofficial website

Malum Veritas by Tom Rhodes

Malum Veritas is a visual development exercise. The subject is a Ranger fleeing from his past position in a corrupted military outfit.


Tom Rhodes grew up in Calgary and now resides in Alberta Canada with his wife and cat. He has recently become the Art Director at Beamdog after an adventurous and varied career. After graduating from Alberta College of Art and Design, Tom worked for Bioware, “Deep Soul” a graphic novel, and a teaching position at Edmonton Digital Art College. Tom’s latest personal project is @RnDFantasy, where every week he draws a Dungeon and Dragons character from a lottery he conducts on Twitter. Learn more at This month’s GAS subject Malum Veritas was offered by lottery winner Jared

158/365 Summertime by Atey Ghailan

158/365 Summertime is of one many of many sketches the artist is currently painting as part of a daily sketch challenge. The artwork attempts to capture a moment in time of a few friends meeting up after school talking about what to do next.


Atey Ghailan is a concept artist who currently works at Riot Games. He started out his career in digital artwork by first studying law in college and noticing his sketches were taking the place of his class notes. He took it as a sign to change career paths and never looked back. He landed his first internship doing graphic design work for a commercial agency, but kept drawing in his free time. Eventually he landed a concept artist position at Atomhawk Design, then later on transitioned to freelance work. Find more of his work and process on his Patreon page

Rhino Bot by Josh Kao

Rhino Bot demonstrate an exercise in creating an elegant sci-fi mech design.


Josh Kao is a concept artist who has been working in the entertainment industry since 2008. He’s worked on projects such as the Halo series, God of War: Ascension, Call of Duty Black Ops 2, Star Citizen, Tron Uprising, and X-men First Class.

Gorgon by Arthur Bozonnet

In a strange dimension, a Gorgon Warrior prepares for the final fight of an ancient war. She poisons the blade with her own lethal blood.


Arthur Bozonnet is a digital artist based in France, with strong ties to South American and Asian cultures. Initially a graduate in English, Spanish and Chinese languages, he lived in Scotland, Peru, and went to study digital illustration in China. He later on lived in Thailand for three years, working as an illustrator and concept artist for Studio Hive, Bangkok. Through his travels and experiences, Arthur developed a fantasy style that celebrates the dream world, the irresistible call of inner and outer journey, and the exotic appeal of ancient cultures.

Hellhound by Jason Kang

Hellhound is a character design created in the spirit of Halloween, a guardian of the underworld and supernatural. It is forbidden to look into his eyes, to do so would surely end in death. He maintains his physique by working out at his local gym during his free time.


Jason Kang is a concept artist currently working full-time at Gearbox Software. After attending Art Center College of Design he worked for various studios including Rhythm & Hues, Section Studios, Blizzard Entertainment, Wizards of the Coast, and Disney Interactive. Growing up, he loved drawing bugs, animals, dinosaurs, and Dragonball Z.

Deathstroke by Abe Taraky

Deathstroke demonstrates an exercise to create an animated character sheet using very simple Photoshop tools. This image is a part of an upcoming book by Abe Taraky which is scheduled to release later this year.


Abe Taraky is a concept designer and illustrator currently working in the film and gaming industries. His art explores a wide range of themes and is always exploring new styles and techniques. Prior to joining Warner Brothers as a senior concept artist, Abe has contributed on a number of different projects for Blur, Amazon, Universal, Hasbro, Beenox (Activision Blizzard), Gameloft and Sideshow Collectibles. Find out more about the image making process at featuring full tutorial.

Mr. Ripper by Borislav Mitkov

Mr. Ripper is a character concept inspired by the London Victorian Era and the books of Arthur Conan Doyle, who is most notably recognized for his Sherlock Holmes series.


Borislav was born in Arkhangelsk, Russia in 1975. He has spent 15+ years as a concept artist at Ubisoft and a freelance illustrator in the video game industry. Projects he’s worked on include Prince of Persia trilogy, Assassin’s Creed Series, Raving Rabbids, H.A.W.X., CSI: 3 Dimensions of Murder.

Stance by Brandon Liao

Stance is a fantasy inspired character concept which demonstrates adding depth to a rough sketch by using adjustment layers in Photoshop to manipulate the color and value.

Brandon Liao is a concept artist on a mission to spread epicness throughout the universe. He designs and illustrates for the video game industry by day and paints for fun by night. Check out more of his work on his Patreon page here.

Among the Pines by Justin Oaksford

Among the Pines was inspired after a wondrous hike in the Pacific Northwest. That was the impetus for this image, trying to find an interesting and enticing visual style for a side-scrolling game about the adventure of hiking.

Justin grew up in sunny, stormy South Florida before moving to Texas for an internship at an Austin game studio, then on to Los Angeles to attend Art Center College of Design. Currently he resides in Seattle, Washington where he’s a concept artist on Halo 5:Guardians and teaches concept art classes for Digipen’s MFA department. He hopes to tell diverse, emotional stories through his passion for games, animation, and illustration.

Little Dog MK II by Joshua Viers

Little Dog MK II depicts a state of the art quadruped robot being prepped by its engineer for exploratory work.

Josh is a freelance designer and illustrator with over 15 years of experience designing for film, games and television. He has created a wide variety of concepts for clients such as Industrial Light & Magic, ImageMovers Digital, Disney, Tippett Studio, The Orphanage, Microsoft, Visceral Games and 2K Games to name a few. He has created concepts for films by Steven Spielberg, J.J. Abrams, Robert Zemeckis and Jon Favreau and has designed products for Hasbro, Adidas and Samsung. He is currently working under the name of his newly formed LLC, Concept by Josh, based in San Francisco’s Mission District.

Oppidum – Ianua by Thomas Scholes

Oppidum – Ianua depicts a young warrior holding her ground. “Tonight we asked the Dark Patron for his help in guarding the night gate. Normally we wouldn’t ask a favor so high in price, but it was the lesser risk knowing what was soon approaching.”

Thomas Scholes is passionate about the untapped potential of digital art and interactive entertainment and is deeply interested in the growth of both mediums. He’s worked in studio on seven different titles for three different companies: Microsoft’s 343 Industries, NCSoft’s ArenaNet, and Disney Interactive’s Avalanche. Currently he enjoys life as a freelance artist and digital painting instructor with Futurepoly and Motivarti.

Happy Hour by Alex Konstad

Happy Hour shows Wentar, Captain of the Gigas, recline for a beer after a day of hunting nefarious River Dragons with his daring crew of Space Goblins.

Raised by Norwegian forest people in the cascading wilderness of the pacific northwest, Alex Konstad is a concept artist/illustrator currently living and working in Los Angeles, California.

Solitude by Vasili Zorin

Solitude is a piece which attempts to evoke an emotion of stillness, as if time has been frozen. A man waits patiently, and looks at his shoes all day.

Vasili Zorin studied at the Saint-Petersburg Academy of Art and Design. He has worked as a concept artist, background artist, comic book artist, and illustrator with clients such as Debut Art, New Yorker Magazine, Edge Magazine, BBC, Radical Publishing, and British Royal Mail. Most recently, he was working for Insomniac Games on Sunset Overdrive and Ratchet and Clank. Winner of several awards at the Russian Comic Book Festival “Kommissia” and winner of Into the Pixel 2014.

Biker Vlad by Gino Whitehall

Biker Vlad depicts a vampiric midnight ride through the desert. Vlad takes a break to consult with his skeletal friend. Who is his bodyless buddy? Perhaps the previous owner of “Crimson”, his trusty bike?

Gino Whitehall is a concept artist in the video game industry. At the age of 5, he became obsessed with drawing X-Men. This obsession eventually lead him to Art Center College of Design, Blizzard Entertainment and now mobile gaming. He’s been fortunate to be involved in IPs such as World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, Game of Thrones, ShadowRun, and War of Nations. When he’s not working on the latest game, you can find him rocking out to heavy metal or drawing in his sketchbooks around San Francisco.

Luna by Naomi Baker

Luna is a piece depicting the bond between a special cat and her owner, based on one of the artist’s favorite anime series.

Naomi Baker is a Virginia born concept artist and illustrator currently living in Bellevue, Washington. Initially wanting to be a comic book artist, she left school to pursue a career in games across the country. She spent time at Activision in California working on various franchises including Call of Duty and Guitar Hero. After some time freelancing and furiously figure drawing anywhere she could, she moved up the coast to Washington state. She is now an in house concept artist at ArenaNet working on the Guild Wars 2 franchise painting fun things all day, every day.

Dispel by Ryan DeMita

Dispel depicts the death of an era within a fictional world. A summoner must destroy a stone giant of their own creation and life’s work to respond to a time of change.

Ryan DeMita is a Seattle-based concept artist and illustrator with a passion for developing fictional worlds for games, movies, and print. He’s worked with clients such as Bungie,, Hasbro,Paramount Pictures, and many others. He studied industrial design at the University of Cincinnati and currently works at Bungie as an in-house concept artist on the Destiny franchise.

Haunted Forest by Jason Scheier

Haunted Forest is a mood piece that depicts a dark forest haunted by an evil spirit apparition. Orbs of light emit from his icy presence as it wanders through the glade, waiting for a passerby.

Jason Scheier is a Visual Development Artist and Concept designer currently living in Burbank California. Jason has worked for numerous companies such as: DreamWorks Animation SKG, DICE Electronic Arts Los Angeles, Taft Design & Associates, Anonymous Content, Double Helix Games, Walt Disney Imagineering, NBC Universal, General Electric, Saab Vehicles, MGM Grand, Luxor Hotel, The American Cancer Society, Honda Automotive, and Involve Inc. In Jason’s spare time he is an instructor for Concept Design Academy, Art Center College of Design, and Brainstorm School.

Rainy Mountains by Patrick Hanenberger

Rainy Mountains is a demonstration of a production environment sketch that quickly communicates the overall mood without spending excessive time rendering details. The main goal is to show basic lighting, some architecture and human point of view for scale purposes. Many images like this would be produced before moving onto a final design for a location. The concept is based on a combination of wonderful castle structures the artist has recently explored near the German-Austrian border in the alps. The lighting, rain, and mountains in the image are a study from looking out the artist’s studio window.

Patrick Hanenberger was born in Melbourne, Australia and raised in Wiesbaden, Germany. He earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Industrial & Graphic Design at the University of Michigan and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Transportation Design at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. Patrick was the Production Designer for the Dreamworks film, “Rise of the Guardians”. During his 9 years at Dreamworks Animation Patrick also worked as an Art Director and Concept Artist on many titles for the studio. Today he works as a Production Designer in the Animation Industry, a Concept Artist for live action film and a Visual Consultant for the gaming industry. In addition, Patrick is a part-time instructor for Visual Communication at Art Center College of Design. Together with his wife Margaret he is the founder of “The Neuland” an international design consultancy. Some of their recent clients include Crytek, ReelFX and Paramount.

Arrival by Joseph Feinsilver

Arrival shows the process of creating a concept without an idea or image in mind to begin with. The idea must be found in the shapes and colors used while painting. The result ends up being a truly spontaneous and unique piece of work

Joseph Feinsilver is inspired by the world around him, as well as the great past and preset masters of art. After graduating from Mass Art in Boston, MA, he moved to Los Angeles and hasn’t looked back since. He has worked on various projects at Disney, Sony Pictures Animation, West Studio, and Marvel Animation. He enjoys sharing his passion with others and has taught environment design and digital painting at Gnomon School of Visual Arts.

Red Fields by Daniel Xiao

Red Fields was created as an exercise in digital painting techniques, color theory, and style. The objective was to depict a calm, “slice of life”-type scene in an otherworldly setting by taking familiar, everyday situations and tweaking specific elements to create a heightened, fantastical image. Strong complementary colors, heavy saturation, and whimsical shape language all contribute to an overarching feeling of carefree nostalgia. Inspiration for this piece ranges from late-70′s science fiction illustration, modernist architecture, and French graphic novels.

Daniel Xiao is a Los Angeles-based designer who has collaborated on projects with Dreamworks-Universal, Pixar Animation Studio, West Studio, Adhesive Games, and most recently, the Electronic Arts-operated game studio DICE LA, on the Battlefield 4 franchise for next-gen game consoles.