• Vehicle, Character, and
        Environment Concept Art
  • Technical Drawings
  • Matte Painting
  • Storyboards
  • Style Guides
  • Marketing Illustration
  • Prototype Packaging
  • Book Cover Illustration
  • Digital Retouching
  • Visual Development Consulting
  • Proxy 3D Modeling

About West Studio

West Studio is a conceptual art studio, committed to creating inspirational and informative artwork for video games and film.

We service clients who demand preeminent designs illustrated to the highest quality by providing concept art that lays the groundwork for successful production. Tyler West, an experienced and prolific concept artist, founded West Studio with the intention to create art that both inspires and informs. At the inception of each project, the scope and intention of the art to be created is discussed in detail. If needed, West Studio assembles a team that features talents specific to the individual project. West Studio delivers first-rate work along with personable service and integrity.

  • "I loved working with West Studio - Tyler's such an extremely talented and diligent artist and a nice guy too ! He took the vision and 'plussed' it far beyond what I had imagined. He has a real sense of scale and atmosphere and a wonderful imagination. If you're ever in a jam and need to conjure up an alternative reality on a tight deadline then you should contact West Studio!”

    - Sam Fell
    Director, The Tale of Despereaux

  • "It was a pleasure! Eat Sleep Play could not have gotten there without West Studio. We are thankful for all that Tyler did to make Twisted Metal what it is. I hope to have the opportunity to work with West Studio again- it was a blast and it made our game much, much better! Thank you!"

    - David Jaffe
    Game Director, Eat Sleep Play

  • "Tyler's work first caught my eye at the opening of the 2006 Into the Pixel show. By the following year our career paths merged briefly while we worked on pre-visualization for Guild Wars 2. It was a period of great creative intensity and Tyler's contribution was substantial. His pieces always had the attributes which I consider defining for good concept art: clarity and an understated monumentality. He understands the difference between concept art and just plain digital painting: the emphasis is on communicating visually a strong, central idea and not on hollow style. I am looking forward to closely following his career, as it has decisively engaged onto an ascending curve.”

    - Daniel Dociu
    Chief Art Director, NCsoft North America

  • “Tyler West is one of the most skilled in the business. Some projects at Infinitum Nihil are very complex and challenging to visualize. Tyler was able to solve many of the visual unknowns and created inspiring artwork that combines originality, sophistication and design that is hard to come by. I look forward to collaborating with West Studio in the future.”

    - Margaret French Isaac
    Executive, Infinitum Nihil

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